Friday, May 15, 2009

Hex Map Creator Hexographer

Here you find a neat Java tool to create hexmaps as known from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in the 90ies. They really fit if you want to set up a sandbox roleplaying game, but any RPG could profit from it.
I myself think about running a short D&D4 or Savage Worlds campaign this way. Maybe I will also convert some region of Aventurien with this tool, so I have a proper hex map for The Dark Eye continent.


bblackmoor said...

I do not recommend that anyone use Hexographer. I explain why here:

bree said...

I Recommend this to anyone interested in making Easy to create and use hex maps.
Its kept up and new versions are out regular, Joe the writer and publisher listens to his users and critics. There is an active forum and the disagreement with bblackmore spreading opinions that are not supported by hard evidence from hexographers site. On the Hexographer site there is the full discussion *a good read*.

I highly recommend this program.

There is a free web version that works well and does what most folk need. There is also the Pro version for use offline. You can get this version with a 1 yr license that has a very low cost.
I though enough of this program to buy a license. Check it out for yourself and decide.. Oh and more tiles just added to version 1.25

bblackmoor said...

The author of Hexographer, Joe, has revised the “lifetime” license of Hexographer so that it no longer self-destructs after one year. The flaws in “free” and “one year” versions remain, however, so those should be avoided. However, if you like the software and feel it is worth paying for (and it certainly does seem worth paying for), the “lifetime license” now appears to be what it says it is: a lifetime license.