Monday, September 24, 2012

Why I'd love a Phantasy Star PnP RPG setting...

It would be amazing to have a pen and paper RPG setting, where you can take your robe wearing wizard in his new, futuristic land cruiser to a drive in restaurant at the foot of a volcano somewhere in a jungle, after fighting giant mantises, because burgers heal wounds.

Or in German:
Ich fände es toll, ein Pen-and-Paper-Setting zu haben, wo man mit seinem Roben tragenden Magier im gerade teuer erworbenen neuen, spacigen Landcruiser nach dem Kampf gegen Riesengottesanbeterinnen schnell ins Drive In mitten im Dschungel am Fuss eines Vulkans fahren kann, um Burger zur Heilung zu kaufen.

Actually I can achieve most of this with Synnibarr anyways. Except that Synnibarr is more high power.

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