Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Race: The Liefeldians

The Liefeldians are aliens that came to Earth and created humanoid bodies for themselves to interact with the locals. But their understanding of the human physique is not very well developed and so they end up creating very over the top bodies for themselves that also regularly shift in unnatural ways when moving. It is easy to recognize that their joints for example are not working like those of normal humans, but are just simulacra. Sometimes it seems their whole concept and presentation of body is just directed towards one single beholder at a time - that they can't keep human form from more than one angle.

While there is something undoubtly uncanny about them, their grotesquely oversexualised bodies also attract normal humans in some way. Therefore they neither gain nor lose compared to normal humans in the looks department. Dumb humans...

Here can find more examples of the Liefeldian look. Compare them also to the New Men aliens in John M. Harrison's novel "Light".

Savage Worlds Racial Edge: Archetype: With their focus on body shape they can spend one additional point on Attributes, instead of getting a free edge like humans.

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