Saturday, March 29, 2008

An RPG that pretends to be a board game

While there has been some examples of boardgames that have a strong RPG component all those examplaes I know are taking over the tactical/wargamy component of RPGs. My challenge would be to create a narrative board game. The most ovious influence would be PtA.
Actually the basic set up is quite easy: provide focus for a generic setting by having
  • a board that probably can be put together different (for example single rooms)
  • cards for character concepts
  • even better: cards for character traits (following Spirit of the Century's aspects)
  • give antagonist controll to the players: instead of a GM you maybe pass a Nemesis card who has to be the "enemy"
  • have the players not only create their characters, but also the antagonists
So I would go for a specific setting (e.g. daily soaps or a space ship).

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