Sunday, March 16, 2008

PtA Pilot: The Character Sheets

So these are the 3 character sheets from the pilot of "Gilgamesh (Space Putty)" / "Captain, My Captain".
We mixed up the edges and concept a little bit (so there was no concept) and the screen presence was 2 for everyone as it was the pilot. Missing information is put in [ ].

Waine Thumps
Concept: [Dougie Houser/Bones]
Edges: doctor and Dougie Houser [maybe "teen genius" would work here]
Connections: evil twin
Personal set: Lab
Nemesis: my assistant (ssy[?])
Issue: want to be accepted by everyone for the genius I am
[Fanmail after pilot: 2]

Concept: [shape changing alien half breed]
Edges: Counsellor and shape changing alien
Connections: Ships AI Clara
Personal set: Holodeck
Nemesis: Father (human) cook
Issue: Who am I? Purpose?
[Fanmail after pilot: 0]

Algernon Muñez
Concept: [mechanic]
Edges: Gear Head, Greasy and Griny and Former Child Prodigy Chess Player
Connections: Janine, the almost autistic janitor
Personal set: Workshop
Nemesis: Clara the AI
Issue: "humans are useless"
Fanmail after pilot: 1]

I am quite sure the players will change their characters in case they are reused. After all this is what the pilot is good for.

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