Friday, March 21, 2008

Captain, My Captain - Season Preview

After the first pilot, which actually was more or a less a teaser, I can already set up a rough sketch for a 5 episode season...

1x01 Legacy of the Freedom Wars

spotlight episodes

1x05 The Captain Election (and the return of the true captain)

Obviously we will have 3 spotlight episodes.

It is the player's choice when to set them, but I have some ideas based on their issues from the pilot:
Tali - Issue: "Who am I? Purpose?" She will encounter her alien mother, who is the evil leader of a cult or a space city or maybe a superspy. This can question if there is a purpose when you are willing to sacrifice the good of other people/ the masses.
Her life has purpose shifting the lifes of billions, but what has she become?

Waine - "want to be accepted by everyone for the genius I am": He gets the nomination for a major science price by a good organization. But to be able to achieve most, he would have to sacrifice his good name. A possible scenario would be that he could let someone steal a medication he invented to save millions of people but not get the fame for it or that it is used only in a corporate environment, humans perish, but he will be famous for doing it. (It would be more melodramatic if it was a clone that can heal instead of just a medication.)

Algernon: Actually his "humans are meaningless" would lead to a similar episode, where he a mob of really lowly scum (maybe refugees) come on board of the ship and maybe he has to adopt a kid or something similar. The kid could be affected by some sort of fast ageing that i goes through all phases of life in one episode. And in the end it is dead and all was in vain.

Obviously everything can change because of player input, but it is good to have a basic idea at hand, that builds on the issue.

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