Monday, September 21, 2015

An Artifact as Dungeon: The Unclosed Door

The Unclosed Door is an psionic artifact in the shape of an 4 sided pyramid with an edge length of 64 cm. The pyramid is of deep black colour with the edges glowing in different and shifting neon colours and floating in front of the owner it has aligned itself to.

It will always try to align itself to the person with the strongest psionic powers within 64 metres. The current owner can try to keep it under his control by a test of mental strength. Potential new owners can join in to take over control.

The Unclosed Door gives the wielder the power to project solid illusion in a radius of 64 metres of the artefact. It takes nearly ten seconds for the solid illusions to stabilize and they are pretty bad at simulating objects in motion. Illusions in motion looks like old polygon computer graphics with serious clipping issues.

The traditional shape that many wielders of the Unclosed Door use is that of a floating pyramid with 64 metres edge length, basically a bigger projection of the Door's standard shape. This pyramid can be raised to any height - even outer space - but it only moves with a speed of around 30 kilometres per hour.

The floating giant pyramid has the ability to emit gravity and so slowly suck up smaller objects and people, if they owner wants so. Once having been absorbed by the outer walls, the person lands in the Inner Space: a pocket dimension that shows a beautiful star sky towards the outside, where the "normal world" should be found, while the absorbed people walk the outer surface of the pyramid. Gravity seems normal and pulls towards the centre of the pyramid, so that you can walk from one side of it to the next without ever falling off. It is not so unlikely to find bones or other remains from past visitors here.

In the centre of each of the four planes there is a shaft leading towards the centre. It is about 3 metres in diameter in round. You can see some dim glow from the centre. Falling to the end of the shaft transports you to an exactly globe shaped room with a diameter of 12 metres. Gravity here is pulling you to the outer sides of the "globe". So jumping down the shafts, you will not crash into anything, but merely come to a halt on the "floor" of the round room. Making it to the floor from your floating position "above" the shaft is no big deal.

In the centre of the round "room" where you can walk the ceilings in any direction you will find the actual Unclosed Door floating. As current owner you can direct it within the room and by touching it, and "merging" with it, you can observe the outside world, as well as "sucking up" objects from the outside world that come near the 64 metre pyramid projection. You can also move the whole pyramid around with the before mentioned 30 kilometres per hour.

It's the owner's choice where sucked up objects appear: be it the outer planes of the pyramid, or the inner globe room.

Merging with the pyramid is a literal act. It does not matter, what body part the owner picks, but the Unclosed Door becomes part of his body. Normally owner's "wear" it over the head like a mask, or make it melt into their chest. This will never cause bodily harm. It is known that one dragon who was in possession of the Unclosed Door merged the pyramid artefact with his forehead, making it look like a weirdly shaped horn. The merging is a natural occurring phenomenon with no drawbacks, but not necessary.

No matter if merged or not, the wielder can shoot powerful energy beams out of the Unclosed Door.

It is a mysterium whether the "Inner Space" of the Unclosed Door described here, resides within the artefact itself, or whether it is inside the projected 64 metres pyramid. The fact that a star sky is visible at the outside, and not the "real world", as well as the shafts are not visible from the real world, speak for the first theory.

But this Inner Space still harbours what seems to be the Unclosed Door - the 64 cm artefact. This seems to be only the 1st of more layers though.

With pure force or willpower one can enter the Unclosed Door even further. It has to be noted that the wielder does not get a connection to that deeper level, the way he gains insight about the outside world. Actually the wielder is left completely dark about that fact.

It is more likely that people being harmed by the energy beams of the Unclosed Door discover it. Especially touching the Unclosed Door that is merged with a wielder can take them deeper.

There are different reports of the next level. One report mentions that once absorbed you end up again on the outside of a pyramid. But this seems to be overgrown by slowly moving antennas that remind of giant sea anemonae or even hair, growing up in the air. Instead of a single shaft, there is a whole labyrinth of passages, others tell.

But everyone agrees that there is an oracle that is willing to help those stranded here. They have to gamble for decades of their life time though. What the oracle looks like noone seems to remember. Some are thrown back to the globe room only minutes later, having aged decades.

If there are deeper levels, nobody can say for sure. Sometimes in your dreams you may feel though that the deeper you get, the bigger the Unclosed Door gets. And in some of those dreams, you are sure that something stares from far, far in there towards you through the Unclosed Door. It is not a statue with no eyes. You are really sure about that.

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