Monday, June 21, 2010

Rifts Rant

In this thread someone complained that the early Rifts stuff was serious and the game later on became ridiculous with every crazy comic drawing becoming part of the world, I replied that this is exactly what I am looking for.

And while some early Rifts players moved on to play being elves but seriously, others like me embraced the Heavy Metal cover style and went straight to Synnibarr. :D

The core of roleplaying for me is cooperatively coming up with crazy stuff like our characters' amazon minions merging into a 20' Megazon. Now I would like to have a picture of that. :)

Off the rail: that is my direction. :P

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RJ Moore II said...

I thought the setting material in Rifts was fantastic and, if you didn't like anything, it was easy enough to ignore.
The big downside was the god-awful Palladium system and the fact that Sembieda is an IP Nazi and won't let anyone adapt it to other systems.