Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paad Ulhof - Female Human Warlord from Karrnath


Paad comes from a family out of the lower nobility in Karrnath. She studied at the famous Rekkenmark Academy from a young ago to join the ranks of what she was told to be the finest warriors of the Khorvaire. During the later years of the Last War the academy had to close. (I don't have a year for that event I hope it goes okay.) Paad, who was still a teenager, had to continue her training to become a warlord at the damaged and wartorn castle of her parents.

When the War finally ended, she was 17 years old and still to young to go to war. At least her parents did not let her sign up. While she somehow understands that fact - her older brother died on the battle field in the Mourning, she blames her parents for being selfish. Wouldn't real patriots be willing to sacrifice their child for the greater good and the glory of Karrnath?

When she was finally old enough to fight the war was over and her education seemed to be worth little in the bled white kingdom. Sure, Paad could have taken a position on her parents' land as marshall or leader of the guards, but she prefered to leave Karrnath as mercenary.

She hopes to find the reason how it was possible for the Karrnath not to win the Last War. She is still very convinced that there must have been a hidden act of treachery within the kingdom - a theory that is pretty wide spread among Karrn nobles and soldiers. She is for example split between cheering for King Kaius III. as righteous leader and seeing him as the one that sold Karrnath under its value by the peace treaty.


While Paad is for sure still somewhat chauvinistic and naive, the last 2 years have opened her mind for different cultures and ways of life. She is convinced that the Karrns have the highest culture in Khorvaire, but only by understanding and sometimes adopting to the mentality of other people, she can hope to solve the ultimate mystery how Karrnath could loose the war.

Still it's hard for her to hide her pride and her natural talent for leading. She appears quite stubborn sometimes, until she has a moment to cool off and to decide to use what she calls diplomacy.

Physical Characteristics:

Paad is an athletic woman with light brown hair. She normally wears impressive Screaming Scale Armor, covered in ornate patterns of screaming faces, but under most circumstances does not show Karrn insignias while working as mercenary.

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