Sunday, June 6, 2010

Abel Wellington - Primetime Adventures Character from Rockheart

Trait: Excentric artist

Contact: Creepy big city wife Agnes

Contact: Local family renown

Issue: Wasting money like there is no tomorrow

Private Set: Putting up his film/photo equipment/ canvas/ installation equipment and taking over a place with it.

Nemesis: Local cousin Warren Walker who was like a son to Abel's father Richard and helped run the Heartrock while Abel was doing nothing of value in the Big City

Abel is a tall, slim man in his mid-30ies. His hair - kept in a short ponytail - already turns grey, but his short cut beard is still all dark brown. He looks really young for a guy turning grey, especially because he hides his eyes behind dark glasses most of the time.

Abel wears a new and expensive looking suit.

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