Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PtA Hell Pilot (Primetime Adventures)

These are the 4 player characters from our 2009 PtA (Primetime Adventures) pilot. We did not get a name for the show yet, but I gave it the working title Hell. It's about 2 demons and 2 tormented souls that are sent on missions by their boss Uloroth. The vision of Hell we portray is more or less a satire of everyday office life.

Concept: Evil god turned toy
Edges: Trickster + Cuteness
Connections: Cult of me
Personal set: Shrine
Nemesis: Marilyn de Rossi
Issue: Being a toy/ cute
[Fanmail after pilot: 1]

Helmut the Bear
Concept: cynical sadist - fallen angel
Edges: Aggressive + Pyromaniac
Connections: Nero's ghost
Personal set: kindergarten
Nemesis: The Society
Issue: kids love to pick on me
[Fanmail after pilot: 1]

Concept: dual personality serial killer: polite and calm or savage
Edges: Serial Killer + Dual Personality
Connections: child - psycho killer to be in training
Personal set: houses on earth
Nemesis: The Society - holy demon hunters
Issue: Not fully controlling wild site
(Fanmail after pilot: 2)

Concept: humanoid cat with cow head (from hell)
Edges: cat + receptionist/ secretary
Connections: big boss
Personal set: hair loss centre; nice treatment, personal assistent
Nemesis: Marilyn de Rossi
Issue: Rossi and her gang making fun of me + her getting her hands on me
(Fanmail after pilot: -)

What happend in the session?
The 4 working were called by there boss Uloroth to come up with a special mission, to boost their little piece of hell's reputation. Jack, a former business man, had the idea to get his former publicist involved.
So Uloroth sent them up to New York City. It was helloween and when they encountered some kids walking around, Ushi and Helmut could not hold back and started attacking. One kid was run over by a car and when people gathered to help the kid, Helmut pretended wanting to do First Aid. But nobody trusted the guy looking like a Furrie, especially when nearly breaking the kid's arm.
In the end the people mocked him and drove him away and they were convinced that there was still hope in NYC when a people worked together to save a kid. The demons could not stand the smell of goodness and had to leave the scene.
Uloroth returned them to hell, but said to give them a second chance.
This time they were teleported right in front of the skyscraper George McCullan, the publicist, had his office in.
Still downstairs they had a discussion with a receptionist, who answered to Jack, while the 2 furries and the toy were going on each others neck.

Proposed working title:
Our little piece of Hell

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