Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hadalis - Eladrin Druid (DnD4)

This is going to be my character in a D&D4 online campaign with my Viennese GM Flanf.
We will use these RPtools for an online map etc.
Last night I spent 1 hour creating a character with him online. I always wanted to play an Eladrin in D&D4 - something outworldish, fairy tale like and distant from normal beings. Turning into an animal seems to fit that theme quite well. So I went for a druid. I guess it does not matter so much that the character is not too optimized.

Hadalis is an overly slim, tall Eladrin. It's hard to figure out if Hadalis is male or female. One second this Eladarin looks male to you, but with a shift in light, Hadalis looks female.
Her wild shape is that of a big white snake.
Even in humanoid form her skin is completely white - like marble. Her eyes have a snakish yellow tone. The long hair is also white.
She was born in a tower on the dark sea cliffs of the Feywild, child to Eladrin of lower nobility. She is promised to marry her twin brother, but he seems to have disappeared recently. Is he only playing a game with her, doesn't he want her, or is there more to the story? Anyways: there is this tree they stuck a dagger in and in case anything will happen to him, the dagger will rust.
Her druid powers come natural to her, because she used to run through the deep forests, where Feywild and mortal world shift into each other. One moment you are in the one, the next one in the other without noticing - except that you feel someone is watching you.

If all of this is not cheesy enough, how about giving her the last name Fogtear? ;)

Maybe I still change Hadalis to male - not that it makes much difference. And maybe the twincest part e goes away too as it's quite cliché that I play girls like this...

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