Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aventuria Hex Map (The Dark Eye)

I was finally able to find the "Aventurien-Hex-Karte" from the old first edition Abenteuer-Ausbauspiel online. :) Now it should be easy to organize a Schwarzes Auge Aventurien sandbox game. One hex is 75km. That is too much to walk in a day, but should be 2 walking days in okay terrain. Actually it makes sense, because this way cities are somewhat detached from the rest of the hex. And on horseback you should be able to make one hex a day.


Laco said...

Hello! The map is no longer available. Would you be so kind and send it to my mail Or upload it again here? Thank you very much.

tartex said...

I am sorry. I am afraid I never downloaded the file, because I own the map as a great water resistant print out.
The problem: my map is around 1600km from my current home. And it is too big to scan. :(

Jed said...

It looks like a smaller version of the hex map is being hosted here:

It would be nice if whoever has the big print quality version of the file reposted it.