Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things we did not according to the PtA rule set

We made some errors again. Different ones than the first time though:

1. We did not properly set up the scene with Agenda, Focus and Place...

2. We forgot that the player with the highest single card tells the output... Instead it was mostly the Producer.

3. The players' did not want to decide up front who would have a spotlight episode when. It seemed like that the want to grow the spotlight out organically. (That reminds me of the way I was very sceptical about the "unorganic" drama model in my first script writing course.)

4. I was really stupid to misinterpret the rules and tell the players that they could only spend on fan mail in each scene. I have no idea, where I picked that up. I reread the rulebook and it is definitely not the case...

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