Thursday, April 24, 2008

PtA and Immersion

We played today episode 1 of "Captain, My Captain". Obvisously it turned out completely different, than I planned. We had really cool scenes, but did not go anywhere with the plot - just forcing a little bit of advancement in in the end.
But that is not what I am writing about here. This is more about the fact that one player said, he missed the immersion in the game. Okay, I am the Producer, so for me it is different, but I guess the point of PtA is that players and the Director are not that much different.
Because I was totally immersed into coming up with cool ideas. Okay that is something different than being immersed in character, but for me it feels the same. I want to do cool stuff with my character anyways.
I can't play shy or afraid characters, because that takes out the over the top madness, that I immerse into. If I create one liners for my specific character or for another one, does not matter, as long as I can enjoy creating them.
If my character jumps for a cool action scene feels the same as if I descripe another character's jump.
In that sense I guess PtA is perfect for me. I would just need players that feel the same. And I got some. :)

But maybe it is not even so much the contribution of narrative power that makes PtA different for some people but just the fact, that it is a conflict resolution, not a task resolution (I hope I use the terms right...).
I wonder if we could play with the very same narrative powers, but conflict resolution and how it would feel then.

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