Saturday, April 26, 2008

Captain, my Captain s01e01 Scene Overview

Scene 1 (Producer): Plot
Cook and Assistant take over commando and tell about their ship from back in the Freedom Wars
Conflict: ?

Scene 2 (Tali's player): Character
Meeting of the protagonists in a small room to discuss what to do now
Conflict: Crew member Michael is sent to order them back and wants to convince them to cooperate
Outcome: The protagonists come along, although Waine stays in control of the situation and bullies Michael

Conflict ideas afterwards that would have been easier to integrate with the agenda given by the players: there would have been a NPC like Michael as part of the meeting and he would have discussed with them instead of giving orders

Scene 3 (Mafalda's player): Plot
The pilot tries to steer the ship dispite being drunk
Conflict: will she be able to take it to Zebulon
Outcome: she fails and it goes somewhere random

Scene 4 (Algernon's player): Plot
The ship comes out of hyperspace near a space station that is attacked by 2 pirate ships. It is on collision course.
Conflict: the cook-captain has post war trauma and tries to attack the space station, there will be people injuried
Outcome: they can't stop the cook and the Michael (scene 2) is killed in the crash as Waine is not able to save him
(Added scene: flashback to Waine's and Michael's happy times in the holo deck)

Scene 5 (Waine's player): Character
There is a space funeral for Michael.
Conflict: will the crew blame Waine for Michael's death? especially as he bullied him before?
Resolution: they don't blame Waine

Scene 6 (Producer): Plot
The Federation commander of the space station comes on board to find out who was guilty for the destruction
Conflict: will they offer the cook on a silver plate or play the card that they were able to scare of the pirates and therefore helped?
Resolution: they cook is blamed and receives the Collar of Punishment

Conflict ideas afterwards that would have been easier to integrate with the agenda given by the players: Tali's role as daughter would have been used, for example as an excuse...

Scene 7 (Tali's): Plot
Tali sneaks shape changed on board of the ship and seduces the captain of the station to steal data about the Captain James Herbert
Conflict: can she get the data while the captain wants her to "explore the galaxy"
Resolution: she can

Scene 8 (Mafalda's): Plot
Can Tali escapefrom the space station while Mafalda is able to start the ship despite her alcohol problem
Conflict: straight forward, action scene
Resolution: they can

New opened plot developments: what's really on Zebulon?, 2 space pirate ships running of, the cook's collar of punishment, the data from the Federation's space station

Old open plot thingies: the memory crystal with Tali spying on Algernon & Co.

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