Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: Grandma's Day Out (Episode 3)

Scene 1: Krishna comes to the house to summon grandmother's dead husband (Dino or Aleister) via ouija board. It really seems that a ghost is possessing various family members and when grandma asks how he died, he replies that he drowned in the sea and that one of the people in the room was present. When asked who it was, the possessed Britney points at grandma.
Scene 2: Britney has to buy dope for her mother, Jennifer, as she promised in the last episode. She goes to the squat where the rehearsal room is and after encountering some punks meets Alex, Jennifer's dealer and band mate. Jennifer calls in a few times, triggering Britney's Cry Me A River ringtone, but the girl gets Alex on her side and instead of the heroin, he gives some other pack as present. Ciaran listens in on Jennifer on the phone and figures out what is going on.
Scene 3: Britney leaves her purse on the couch back home and Jackie O. finds the pack and puts it in grandma's medicine storage. Grandma takes it shortly after. It seems to be amphetamines and she is able to get out of her wheelchair with it and gets Ciaran's scooter from in front of house, riding off.
Jennifer notices something is going on, but she is not able to figure out that Britney tricked her. At the same time Dick, is not able to hide the fact from her that grandma is on drugs. Britney tells Dick that her mother was asking her to get drugs, despite her promising to stop.
Scene 4: Ciaran, Britney and Dick look for grandma with the family car. They find her a few blocks away, stuck in the mud, but still speeding along. Ciaran is able to take the keys away from her, but in the following struggle, she locks him in the trunk with the car and scooter keys. The family takes grandma in the car and hearing Ciaran pegging to be let out of the trunk, Britney tries to open the lock with a kick.

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