Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: The Vacation Promise (Episode 2)

Scene 1: Jennifer, Ciaran, Jarmaine, Jacky O and Britney go to another town by car. Jennifer wants to make it to the Voice audition there. They see Dick leave the job centre there. Jennifer is able to steer the car into him, breaking his leg. Jarmaine gives her a black eye in the struggle.
Scene 2: Dick ends up in the hospital. When the family comes to visit, a police officer and Shantel, the school nurse, are in the room. Another fight engulfs. Jennifer convinces Dick to tell Shantel off and threatens her to never return to Blackpool. Jacky O. beats her up with a crutch while the police officer pretends nothing happened.
Scene 3: Dick and Jennifer are finally back together for a romantic dinner. She makes him promise to get rid of all the kids - by going on vacation without them. She promises him to go cold turkey the same night to save the relationship, because she hopes, they will never return to Blackpool anyways.
Scene 4: Dick talks to the rest of the family to find a baby sitter for the time of the trip. He wants Charmaine to do the job, but Britney forces herself in the foreground. She hopes by being a good baby sitter, she can convince everyone that she can be a good mother. At the same time Jacky O. gets a promise out of Dick to take him along for the vacation.
Scene 5: Jennifer is suffering withdrawal in the bedroom. Britney comes in and tells the truth about the trip, and Dick's broken promise. But Jennifer has other issues: she convinces Britney to bring her dope from Alex, her dealer and keyboarder, for a last time, so that she stop for good.
Scene 6: Ciaran and Charmaine take the kids to the beach. Anthony, Ciaran's infamous friend shows up as well to get Jacky O. for a job. But Ciaran wants to hook him up with Charmaine. Charmaine takes care of him, but leaves him naked and humiliated on the beach afterwards. He runs of without talking to Jacky O.
Scene 7: Stephen, Dick's social worker friend shows up in the house for some tough love. Jennifer makes it clear, that she expects Dick to get the contradicting promises to her and Jacky O. sorted out. Dick tells Stephen that he has to do the vacation to Jersey for one week to sucessfully get Jennifer over her addiction and that there is a boarding school where Jacky O. would get a chance, he will not have in Blackpool. Stephen buys in and gives him the week. His broken leg should actually make it easier for Dick to get a job, Stephen tells, because there are special quotas for handicapped people.

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