Sunday, July 29, 2012

If I could keep only 10 RPG products

This question has been going around the web lately. This is my list. I am sure, I could do it with less than 10. Probably 3 would be enough. So I will probably end up with 3 rule systems and 7 settings. I also have to add that I know The Dark Eye 1 by heart, so I do not need to add it. But let's do it anyways, because I have too much space. :)

Savage Worlds Deluxe
Primetime Adventures
World of Synnibarr

The Dark Eye 1 - Basis Box
50 Fathoms
Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP)
Mythic Role Playing (Word Mill Games)
Savage Worlds Adventure Deck (The nice card deck for player story intervention)

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