Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gamma World One Shot

The characters are living on a backwood farm, where a radioactive roach Bryant and 4 hillbilly farmhands (3 big guys Steven, Todd and Nate: 1 with 3 arms, 1 with 3 legs, 1 with 3 eyes (Monster Vault P.170 Common Bandit) + 1 pretty girl: Annabella, farmhand), are harvesting Melons and Blood Oranges. Take care of the Grab Grass though (P. 99) and the Porcubine Bushes.

The PCs arrived some weeks ago and everything seemed fine.

Down the river is the Church of the Minute and Bryant send the characters down to bring up a priest to bless the coming harvest.



Badder Town Defense (Roadblock) P. 142G

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