Sunday, December 14, 2008

Savage Worlds area effects when not using a battle mat

Zornhau - let's call him the German Savage Worlds Evangelist and see if there is a reaction ;) - presented his way of deciding area effect damage when playing without battle map in the forum.

Small Burst Template – 1d4+1 targets effected
Medium Burst Template – 1d6+1 targets effected
Large Burst Template – 1d12+1 targets effected
Cone – 1d8+1 targets effected

I guess another way that would scale with the size of the fight would be randomize a hit percentage of potential targets. Obviously you would need to cap that with a certain number.
If you wanted it to be slow and unsavage, you could take in account environment, etc. Fighting in open environment would let you hit less people than inside narrow tunnels.

Clint (of Necessary Evil fame) gave the following numbers in the Pennicle Forum:

SBT = 1d4
MBT = 2d6
LBT = 3d8
Cone = 2d6*

*Difference between a cone and a MBT could be lessening the chance of hitting an ally in the area.

The look a little bit extreme to me honestly.

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