Saturday, October 25, 2008

Savage Century Light - New Version

You got the 5 Savage Worlds stats, but there are no skills.
Successes are a 4 on the roll. 8 is a great success.

Instead of skills you have something similar to Edges that give you +1 in a specific field or under specific circumstances.
For character creation you choose:

A +1 environment modifier (e.g. city, wilderness/scholars, university, high society, orc culture, animals)
Two +1 skill modifier (e.g. fighting, shooting (=throwing), athletics (=climbing, swimming), people skill (= persuasion, intimidation, taunt), investigate, Stealth, dexterity (=pick locks, pickpocket), vehicles (=boating, driving, pilot), , knowledge, arcane knowledge, repair, riding (incl. animal handling), tracking, survival, notice, guts.
1 conventional edge (or something else I come up with)

Variant (too strong??):
1 Primary skill +2
1 Secondary skill +1
On each rank you can use one level advancement for one more primary skill and one for one more secondary.
Solution: Stack Up maximum for any roll is +4 (or +6?)

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