Friday, August 9, 2013

Zwillingsseen Hexcrawl: Session 1: Großwall

Just a little chat log from after the game, to a friend:
Basically they were in a town called Großwall and approached by beautiful girl in an inn, that said her father had disappeared.
the dice told me that she was beautiful and VERY tall, when the players asked. not preplanned at all. so they went with her to look for him at the market where he told her, he would go
but it was night already and they got attacked on a square by 6 vigilantes.
the party killed all of them, except the leader whom they kept as hostage
but they were stupid enough to tell the guy, he should lead them to the place where he had found gems.
so he took them to his neighbourhood, getting them into an ambush
that's where Rapunzel (the male navigator prodigy) was killed by a lucky hit during the swordfight and the beautiful girl got stabbed as well. Hel's and Oli's characters could only flee and had to leave her behind, not sure if she was alive or dead (she was actually dead) and the slum mob chased them out
so they returned to the inn covered in blood, with stuff they had looted, but without the girl or their strongest guy and decided to go to bed... the barkeeper told them, he had warned them
I admit: the text is very chaotic, but deserves to be stored somewhere anyways.

I will need to tone down the damage low hit dice enemies do on a critical hit, because this was already the 2nd PC in 2 sessions that got killed by a critical out of the blue.


Anonymous said...

Which Questgiver-Randomizer did you use? How do the players cope with the high lethality so far?

tartex said...

I did not use any randomizer. I just created a quest that would take the player characters from one corner of the map towards the centre.

Großwall seemed to be a good starting point for that.

The players seem to be okay. In our Savage Synnibarr (superhero) game, they actually felt too strong - despite me trying my best to destroy them.

Anonymous said...

As for the randomizer, I asked because "...the dice told me that..."

tartex said...

Okay: I just rolled a d20 to get the Charisma stat, when a player asked if she was hot and got a 17.
I also rolled a d20 to see how tall she was later on and got a 20...