Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random tables for RPGs

I am quite interested in running a pure sandbox campaign at the moment - especially after buying Carcosa.

Obviously I will need a lot of random tables. So I will collect them in this post.

I recently found the very useful where people can create their own RPG content.

This website has a few as a starting point:

Random Fantasy Tables called "Tables for Fables"

More Random Random Tables


Random authentic US names

Random name generator

Random Star Wars name generator

Random Letter Sequence generator


Seventh Sanctum Random Character Tables (they offer a lot more as well)

Completely random Warhammer FRPG 2nd edition character creation, including background

Random Labyrinth Lord / Old School Character

Random Gamma World characters

Random Synnibarr NPCs (no stats, all background!)

Superfast 1 outstanding stat NPCs from my blog (needs dice)

Encounters and Plots

Detailed plot generator recommended!!

Basic Plots in literature (needs dice and some serious thought)

Random City Encounters

Random Daily Mail headlines generator (Daily Mail is a right wing UK tabloid)

WotC's  Random Adventure Hook Generator

Crazy Random Plot generator (can produce multiple layers)

Random Science fiction adventures (needs dice) This is part of a whole series of articles including random tables.

You should also not forget that just opening a random article on wikipedia can provide more inspiration than you will ever need.

Also fun: Random Crossover generator (originally for fanfiction, but also great for adventures)


On the following site you will find a lot of very sophisticated tools, like random map generators (and much more).

Random cities for contemporary gonzo in my blog (needs dice)


Check out this post in my blog: Random adventures

Other Stuff

Faction Connection Diagram (for 4 factions; needs dice) from Vornheim

Meta Tables

Best Random Tables for Gaming has not only tables, but also links to sites with lists of tables

If you want to point to any helpful resources, please, leave a comment!

I will add them to the list.


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also check this easy to use table generator online