Friday, January 14, 2011

Gamma World: The Church of the Minute

Flamer, telekinetic pyrokinetic, Smush, Giant Yeti, and Obsat, telekinetic engineered human, are chased all independently by cannibal biker tribes and run off in the Glowing Desert of the North. There they nearly die of thurst, but are safed by a yellow blob farmer named Bryant.

He takes them to his farm and gets them back to health. He has three mutant brother farmhands and her sister, a maid called Annabella, there. After they wake up, he asks them what they can do to pay back their debts. Flamer hands over 2 of his 3 horses, while the other 2 want to help fixing stuff at the farm.

Bryant is not really convinced about that latter two offers and tells them, they should better look for the priest of the Church of the Minute down south beyond the Rovin mountain range. Normally the priest would always come and bless the fields with the sacred cogs. But he did not appear this year.

The groups agrees that they are willing to do that and Annabella is especially in love with Smush. Bryant tells Obsat, that actually she should marry him, because he is a true inbred human, while they have a party at night and stuff is going on behind the barn between Annabella and Smush. He his actually created a bracelet out of a tent hering for her. The farmhands are not to happy about the romance, but the next morning, the three strangers travel South anyways to find the priest.

On the way through the Rovin mountain range, they encounter a tower, as Bryant has told them. The blob gave them a present for Old Zed, the keeper of the tower. In front of the tower they are suprised by a Porker. Smush asks the pig creature, if he is Zed, and the creature pretends inconvincingly that he is.

When the porker wants to open the gate to play the role, a badder, a mutant badger, appears from behind a rock, aims at the characters and tells the porker not to open.

A second porker wakes up behind another rock and a fight engulfs, in which the porkers are roasted to death by Flamer, Smush falls into a radioactive crater and nearly drowns there and Obsat throws radioactive goo at the badder. In the end the badger gives up and admits that they are from the Bazooka gang and haven raided the tower.

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