Sunday, January 17, 2010

Savage Worlds Plush Power & Plunder: Pregenerated Characters

In case that we finally play the Hospital adventure I posted in this blog, I wanted to create some pregens. The players want stuffed animals as characters, that's clear. What is not clear is what specializations or niches the characters are going to have. So I came up with the following ideas - and will stat them up here:

Big Teddy - Strongmen with little Dexterity. Defender.
Skillmonkey - Has lots of non combat ability. Kind of a nerd. Healer as well?
Faceman - specialized in Charisma and persuasion.
Flitzer - Not much of a fighter, but very mobile. Less combat focus.
Woom Uahrtist - A martial artist. Striker.
Superteddy - A charcter specialized in the skills that are unusal, like bouncing, detachable eye, bouncing etc.
Trenchcoat Teddy - A weapon specialist.

I think a wizard would be too much for a one shot. Spells in the original system are not very combat focused and so it would be a bad fit for Savage Worlds anyways.
A beastmaster character would be an option, but could short circuit the big challenge of the one shot: the cat, so I won't make one either.

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