Sunday, February 22, 2009

D&D and RPG Fantasy Art Index Part 1

I will start here a series of posts, that sort all the amazing images and pictures that you can find on the website of Wizards of the Coast. WotC has a huge library of art from Dungeons & Dragons books, be it 3.0, 3.5 or 4th Edition. The problem is that the images are only sorted by D&D publication, not by topic.

With my list, it should be easier to find what you need. I hope they the 3rd edition art up much longer as it can be useful for any fantasy campaign. Even if you play Savage Worlds, Earthdawn, GURPS, Castles&Crusades (C&C), Pathfinder, Rolemaster or HARP the art is perfect.

Inn Scene, Elves, Gnomes, Greyscale: The Complete Scoundrel Image 1
Dwarfes, Group, Wizard, Fighter, Mohawk, Greyscale: The Complete Scoundrel Image 2
Collage, Female, Rogue, Scream, Armor, Bard, Scream, Greyscale: The Complete Scoundrel Image 3
City, Group, Half-Orc, Monk, Bard, Color: The Complete Scoundrel Image 7

In the long run it would make more sense to create a website, where you can sort by tag etc. Also a wikilike option to have other people help tagging would be great. The Ultimate RPG Art Index so to speak.


Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

I started D&D with the 4th generation which seems to have made it a little more accessible to the not so hardcore gamer. I still remember the day when a friend asked me to play back during 2.0...I sat there watching, and thought to myself "Seriously? Get me out of here!" But not I love it! Chock it up to age or the simplification, either way, I finally get to enjoy D&D! I look forward to reading the rest of your blog and seeing the future posts with the images to use in campaigns! Thanks for taking the time to organize them to simplify the process a bit!

tartex said...

I really hope to create a useful tool. Thanks for your encouragment!