Sunday, February 24, 2008

Initative and damage by strength and weapon type

Savage Worlds does really well by speeding things up.
But there is a way to stay as fast and take Quickness/ Agility into account without giving it such a huge advantage as in Savage Worlds: high Agility characters just receive some extra cards up front before the battle and play them instead of the dealt one whenever they want.
The only question is balance: does Agility become to strong this way?

But then you could bind melee to strength and make damage independent from Strength.

The latter is a question of genre simulation: is it really like this that a hit by Bud Spencer does more damage then one by Terence Hill? The only thing we know for sure after thinking about it for a mere second is that Bud Spencer for sure could stand a hit by Terence Hill, but this is more a Toughness thing then having anything to do with Hill's strength.
One the other hand: a hit by Godzilla should definitely hurt bud Spencer.
Maybe just have size impact damage instead of strength?

Question of the day: Does a sword more damage than a knife? And does a chainsaw do more damage again?
Actually this seems to be much more dependent on the scene than on the weapon. But here the big immersion/narativsm gap has to be worked on.

Why even try to attack the big opponent early on in the game, when you know that he will only be defeated (easily) in the last act anyways? Genre awareness can destroy immersion or even the genre story. Because the writer is not the character, while the player should be the character.

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